Nuit Blanche 2012


White Night. Toronto’s annual dusk til dawn city-wide art crawl. For some people, Nuit Blanche is about experiencing culture and discovering works of wonder. For others, its just an excuse to pull an all-nighter with friends and party on the streets. If you’re lucky, you do both. If you’re crazy, you do so from the early evening to the early morning. This year, I ventured out on Sat Sept 29 at 7pm and didn’t get home until Sun Sept 30 at 7am. Not bad for someone who originally planned to “skip it” this year. I’m glad I didn’t. I tried my best to document my 12 hour journey below.

#54 – Young Prayer (top left) #64 – Earth–Moon–Earth (top right)

#62 – Vertical Construction (bottom left) #74 – World Without Sun (bottom right)

#112 – Water Will Be Here (top left) #115 – Liquid Cohesion (top right)

Future of Architecture (bottom left) #125 – Beacon (bottom right)

#111 – Invisible Streams: As Above, So Below (top left) #114 – Beam of Underground Sun (top right)

#116 – Green Invaders (bottom left) #140 – SKYLUM (bottom right)

#134 – Lifecycles (top left) #132 – Cent une tueries de zombies (top right)

Junction Food Flea (bottom left) #103 – Street Language (bottom right)

#117 – Built for ART (top left) #117 – Built for ART: Lost Audio Tapes of Jacques Tati (top right)

#117 – Built for ART: EcoTOne (bottom left + bottom right)

#122 – Dire-Rama

#147 – Fly By Night: fortune-ate (top left) #147 – Fly By Night: The Sun Turns Itself Inside Out (top right)

#147 – Fly By Night: #embodiment (bottom left) #147 – Fly By Night: The SoundBath (bottom right)

#142 – The Institute of Knots (top left) #141 – She’s Come Undone (top right)

#5 – Whorl (bottom left) #3 – morpheme (bottom right)

Museum for the End of the World

#56 – Museum of the Rapture

Museum for the End of the World

#56 – Museum of the Rapture

Museum for the End of the World

#56 – Museum of the Rapture

Museum for the End of the World

#59 – The Vault (top left) #60 – Postcards from the End (top right)

#55 – Quasar 2.0: Star Incubator (bottom left) #52 – White Dwarf (bottom right)

Nuit Blanche 2012 from KidKulit on Vimeo.

I ended my night (or should I say my morning) at #86 – All Night Convenience. I was ridiculously happy to take home these glowing groceries. Shout outz to my NB partners-in-crime, Rannie and Carly. Until next year, bonne nuit!



I know I know nothing I know I know nothing about you
I know I know nothing I know I know nothing without you

Wandering (Demo) by KidKulit

You Only Live Once


weekend. streetcars. comebacks. drinks. dance. diners. real talk. night walks. rooftops. cab rides. sleep.

spinning swings. seeking thrills. getting wet. laughter. eat. eat. eat. highways. home base. pause.

suburbs. parking lots. night rides. last standing. carpe noctem. silence. patience. that moment when.

cold hands. warm hearts. held breaths. wide eyes. seconds. endless. then finally… heaven #truth


this summer recap was brought to you by CREW LOVE + THE MOTTO <3

Toronto Pride 2012


On Sunday July 1 2012, I had the opportunity to march with the NDP in the annual Toronto Pride Parade. Now I’ve been attending PrideTO events since 1999 (the summer I came out), but this year was my first time to actually walk IN the parade. Don’t get me wrong – watching the parade can be loads of fun, but there are inevitable lulls between floats and groups. When you march in it, you ARE the parade and the action is non-stop. It was quite an amazing and exciting experience. I tried my best to condense the 2 hour party into this 2 minute video. Enjoy!

Toronto Pride Parade 2012 from KidKulit on Vimeo.

Choices + Mistakes


there are so many choices… and even more mistakes…
actions will always speak louder than words… this is long overdue…

Sugar Bush


Yesterday, Carly and I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and go on a little adventure. So I grabbed my camera and we headed north to Stouffville to visit Horton Tree Farms for their annual Maple Syrup Festival. Having grown up in the country, Carly was no stranger to the wonders of freshly tapped sweet sap. But I had never been to a sugar bush before and it was quite amazing. The grounds were breathtakingly beautiful, the staff was extremely friendly and knowledgable, and the pancakes were absolutely delicious (smothered in maple syrup, of course!). It was an afternoon filled with log cabins, wagon rides, trees, sunshine, and fresh air. What a lovely way to spend a lovely day. I made this video to capture the experience. Also, the music featured here is a demo track I’m currently playing around with. I hope you enjoy them both!

Horton Tree Farms – Sugar Bush from KidKulit on Vimeo.

Sony PS Vita launch


On Friday, February 17, I joined John and Paulo (of RubioFilms) to check out the Sony PS Vita launch at 99 Sudbury. I was eager to get my hands on the gorgeous new handheld early (release date is February 22) and it did not disappoint. The huge LED screen is pure luxury and I found it extremely easy to lose myself in gameplay. The entire unit feels light, but it plays very big. This video (shot and edited by John) features some of my first impressions of the device as well as gameplay footage from titles like Escape Plan and Little Deviants.

Playstation Vita Event Coverage from John Lacsina on Vimeo.



On Saturday, I went to a garage sale in one of the Artscape Triangle Lofts in Parkdale. The items that lined the tiny condo first appeared in the usual order — old clothes, used books + records, miscellaneous housewares, and a few random pieces for good measure. The owners were very friendly, offering warm drinks and sweet treats while we perused through their unwanted things. I politely declined and waited patiently as CB rifled through mystery boxes. While looking around the apartment aimlessly (and somewhat disinterestedly), I spotted something silver on the end of a small table — it was a Canon GL2 digital video camcorder! I could hardly believe my eyes. I remember wanting that exact model years ago. And now, there it was… a $2000+ piece of pro equipment sitting quietly in a garage sale. I picked it up and casually inspected it. It seemed to be in good condition. It seemed too good to be true. I paced around nervously and finally asked one of the owners how much. She replied that there was a slight issue with the tape deck mechanism that she had never bothered to repair and had since replaced the camera with a new one. Since she was selling the device potentially broken, she offered it to me for $10. TEN DOLLARS. My head nearly exploded, but I tried my best to disguise my delight. Noting my interest, she began to gather some extra accessories for the unit — a power adapter, a charger, and a battery pack — as if in attempt to sweeten the already amazing deal. A mere tenner later, and I am now the proud owner of this awesome camera. Obviously, I took it on a test run (see footage below) to check the functionality. So far, so good! Best. Score. Ever.

Canon GL2 Test from KidKulit on Vimeo.

Graffiti Alley


Somehow, it seemed appropriate that this chalk rainbow on the sidewalk of my street was the first piece of “graffiti” I saw. I felt like it set the tone for the rest of the day. On July 10, 2011, CB and I went on a walking tour led by Graeme Parry of Toronto Laneways. Starting at Graffiti Alley and ending near Dundas and Ossington, we ventured through three main areas downtown — Queen West, Trinity-Bellwoods, and Little Portugal.

I was awestruck for most of the tour. When I wasn’t shooting photos (or running to catch up with the group), I spent a lot of time standing and staring and smiling. It’s likely the kind of thing I’d like to do again when I’d have more time to move at my own pace. Still, I managed to get some really great shots. Here are some of my favourites.

All those hidden alleys and laneways held so much visual treasure. Quaint little homes and even small businesses resided alongside all the free street art. It’s certainly a side of the city most people haven’t seen, though I highly recommend it. Feel free to check out the rest of my set from that day here.

Style + Grace


Photo Credit: Joan Antonio

One of my besties runs a fashion blog – KlickClash. Sometimes, she writes about her own personal tips and tricks or maybe she’ll share her experience at some swanky event. But mostly, she posts everyday outfits from her own closet with a focus on simple and classic looks that anyone can emulate on any budget. To keep things fresh and inspiring, she always works with different photographers and friends. So I was pleased as punch when she asked me to take a few photos of her for her site. There’s a small sample of shots here, but be sure to check out the whole set too. As always, she’s rocking some sweet steeze!

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