Nuit Blanche 2012

White Night. Toronto’s annual dusk til dawn city-wide art crawl. For some people, Nuit Blanche is about experiencing culture and discovering works of wonder. For others, its just an excuse to pull an all-nighter with friends and party on the streets. If you’re lucky, you do both. If you’re crazy, you do so from the early evening to the early morning. This year, I ventured out on Sat Sept 29 at 7pm and didn’t get home until Sun Sept 30 at 7am. Not bad for someone who originally planned to “skip it” this year. I’m glad I didn’t. I tried my best to document my 12 hour journey below.

#54 – Young Prayer (top left) #64 – Earth–Moon–Earth (top right)

#62 – Vertical Construction (bottom left) #74 – World Without Sun (bottom right)

#112 – Water Will Be Here (top left) #115 – Liquid Cohesion (top right)

Future of Architecture (bottom left) #125 – Beacon (bottom right)

#111 – Invisible Streams: As Above, So Below (top left) #114 – Beam of Underground Sun (top right)

#116 – Green Invaders (bottom left) #140 – SKYLUM (bottom right)

#134 – Lifecycles (top left) #132 – Cent une tueries de zombies (top right)

Junction Food Flea (bottom left) #103 – Street Language (bottom right)

#117 – Built for ART (top left) #117 – Built for ART: Lost Audio Tapes of Jacques Tati (top right)

#117 – Built for ART: EcoTOne (bottom left + bottom right)

#122 – Dire-Rama

#147 – Fly By Night: fortune-ate (top left) #147 – Fly By Night: The Sun Turns Itself Inside Out (top right)

#147 – Fly By Night: #embodiment (bottom left) #147 – Fly By Night: The SoundBath (bottom right)

#142 – The Institute of Knots (top left) #141 – She’s Come Undone (top right)

#5 – Whorl (bottom left) #3 – morpheme (bottom right)

Museum for the End of the World

#56 – Museum of the Rapture

Museum for the End of the World

#56 – Museum of the Rapture

Museum for the End of the World

#56 – Museum of the Rapture

Museum for the End of the World

#59 – The Vault (top left) #60 – Postcards from the End (top right)

#55 – Quasar 2.0: Star Incubator (bottom left) #52 – White Dwarf (bottom right)

Nuit Blanche 2012 from KidKulit on Vimeo.

I ended my night (or should I say my morning) at #86 – All Night Convenience. I was ridiculously happy to take home these glowing groceries. Shout outz to my NB partners-in-crime, Rannie and Carly. Until next year, bonne nuit!

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