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Nuit Blanche 2012


White Night. Toronto’s annual dusk til dawn city-wide art crawl. For some people, Nuit Blanche is about experiencing culture and discovering works of wonder. For others, its just an excuse to pull an all-nighter with friends and party on the streets. If you’re lucky, you do both. If you’re crazy, you do so from the early evening to the early morning. This year, I ventured out on Sat Sept 29 at 7pm and didn’t get home until Sun Sept 30 at 7am. Not bad for someone who originally planned to “skip it” this year. I’m glad I didn’t. I tried my best to document my 12 hour journey below.

#54 – Young Prayer (top left) #64 – Earth–Moon–Earth (top right)

#62 – Vertical Construction (bottom left) #74 – World Without Sun (bottom right)

#112 – Water Will Be Here (top left) #115 – Liquid Cohesion (top right)

Future of Architecture (bottom left) #125 – Beacon (bottom right)

#111 – Invisible Streams: As Above, So Below (top left) #114 – Beam of Underground Sun (top right)

#116 – Green Invaders (bottom left) #140 – SKYLUM (bottom right)

#134 – Lifecycles (top left) #132 – Cent une tueries de zombies (top right)

Junction Food Flea (bottom left) #103 – Street Language (bottom right)

#117 – Built for ART (top left) #117 – Built for ART: Lost Audio Tapes of Jacques Tati (top right)

#117 – Built for ART: EcoTOne (bottom left + bottom right)

#122 – Dire-Rama

#147 – Fly By Night: fortune-ate (top left) #147 – Fly By Night: The Sun Turns Itself Inside Out (top right)

#147 – Fly By Night: #embodiment (bottom left) #147 – Fly By Night: The SoundBath (bottom right)

#142 – The Institute of Knots (top left) #141 – She’s Come Undone (top right)

#5 – Whorl (bottom left) #3 – morpheme (bottom right)

Museum for the End of the World

#56 – Museum of the Rapture

Museum for the End of the World

#56 – Museum of the Rapture

Museum for the End of the World

#56 – Museum of the Rapture

Museum for the End of the World

#59 – The Vault (top left) #60 – Postcards from the End (top right)

#55 – Quasar 2.0: Star Incubator (bottom left) #52 – White Dwarf (bottom right)

Nuit Blanche 2012 from KidKulit on Vimeo.

I ended my night (or should I say my morning) at #86 – All Night Convenience. I was ridiculously happy to take home these glowing groceries. Shout outz to my NB partners-in-crime, Rannie and Carly. Until next year, bonne nuit!

Toronto Pride 2012


On Sunday July 1 2012, I had the opportunity to march with the NDP in the annual Toronto Pride Parade. Now I’ve been attending PrideTO events since 1999 (the summer I came out), but this year was my first time to actually walk IN the parade. Don’t get me wrong – watching the parade can be loads of fun, but there are inevitable lulls between floats and groups. When you march in it, you ARE the parade and the action is non-stop. It was quite an amazing and exciting experience. I tried my best to condense the 2 hour party into this 2 minute video. Enjoy!

Toronto Pride Parade 2012 from KidKulit on Vimeo.

Graffiti Alley


Somehow, it seemed appropriate that this chalk rainbow on the sidewalk of my street was the first piece of “graffiti” I saw. I felt like it set the tone for the rest of the day. On July 10, 2011, CB and I went on a walking tour led by Graeme Parry of Toronto Laneways. Starting at Graffiti Alley and ending near Dundas and Ossington, we ventured through three main areas downtown — Queen West, Trinity-Bellwoods, and Little Portugal.

I was awestruck for most of the tour. When I wasn’t shooting photos (or running to catch up with the group), I spent a lot of time standing and staring and smiling. It’s likely the kind of thing I’d like to do again when I’d have more time to move at my own pace. Still, I managed to get some really great shots. Here are some of my favourites.

All those hidden alleys and laneways held so much visual treasure. Quaint little homes and even small businesses resided alongside all the free street art. It’s certainly a side of the city most people haven’t seen, though I highly recommend it. Feel free to check out the rest of my set from that day here.

Canada Goose 2011 Fall / Winter Collection


Canada Goose 2011 Fall/Winter Collection from Rubio Films on Vimeo.

On Wednesday, November 2, 2011, my friends Joan (fashion blogger, KlickClash) and Paulo (documentary-style videographer, Rubio Films) attended the Canada Goose launch party at The Spoke Club in Toronto. This video features the company’s 2011 Fall / Winter Collection, including a collaborative line with Drake. It also happens to feature the track Baby House by Fake Date (my electronic side project with CarlyRhiannon). The coverage looks and sounds amazing – super funny and informative! And I’m so pleased to be in the company of such talented people. Feel free to check out the full track below.

Baby House by Fake Date

Digifest 2011


Photo Credit: Jason Chan

On Sunday, October 30th, 2011, Digifest held a Sunday Funday at Yonge Dundas Square. The event included live bands, food trucks and karaoke. I cut a short video of the day using footage shot by my brother. Props to all those brave souls who sang on one of downtown Toronto’s busiest corners.

DigifestTO – Sunday Funday – Yonge Dundas Square from photojunkie on Vimeo.

Halloween in the Village


Halloween on Church Street (Toronto’s Gay Village) is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen before. The street is closed off for several blocks and everyone just roams around in their costumes, taking in the sights and sounds of the night. It’s truly an experience and always a great time. This year, my brother headed down to check out the spectacle and captured some really great clips on his new Canon 5D Mark II. Since I was unable to join him, I figured editing his footage would be the next best thing. Watching this video, I almost feel like I was there with him. I hope you feel that way too. Enjoy!

Halloween in the Village from KidKulit on Vimeo.

Chiptunes Orchestra at Nuit Blanche


Over the past month or so, the rad ass members of The Royal Canadian Chiptunes Orchestra have been rehearsing for their performance at the Tiff Bell Lightbox as part of Toronto’s annual Nuit Blanche all-night art event. I am honoured to say that I’ve been playing with this amazing group of talented people and we’re all very excited to share our music. Our set consists mostly of awesome cancon covers which have been given the 8-bit treatment. I assure you fun will be had by all and noise will be made by as many as possible as we will be highly encouraging audience participation. To entice you further, here’s a teaser of what you might expect to hear from the night.

Sunglasses At Night (KidKulit Remix) by KidKulit

Aside from The Royal Canadian Chiptunes Orchestra, there will also be a ton of fantastic 8-bit musicians slotted throughout the entire evening right up until the early morning. Performers include Battle Lava, Deadbeatblast, .exe, Radius and Helena, Oxvylu, Cybernetic Orchestra, Freque, Awesome Force, Jeff the World, Starpilot, Tetris Hold’em, bossFYTE, DJ Finish Him, Press Start 2 Play, and Spell ‘n Math. Now, that’s a LOT of chiptunes!

The Music of the Video Game! is on from 7pm to 7am on Saturday, October 1, 2011. So if you plan on heading out for Nuit Blanche tomorrow night, why not find a way to squeeze in a stopover at the Tiff Bell Lightbox [Cinema 1] onto your art-roaming schedules. You won’t regret it!

World Pride 2014 Bid Video


A few months ago, I was approached to create the music for Toronto’s World Pride 2014 bid video. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to participate. Today, it was announced that Toronto won the right to host the $10M event and I feel so proud to have played a part in this project.

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